Sales training platform to onboard, enable, and assess reps

Automate onboarding, deliver product trainings and role-play simulations, provide promotion materials, and track your reps' progress in real-time with iSpring sales training LMS.

Explode your sales and revenue with iSpring sales training software


Ramp new sales reps to full quota faster

With iSpring’s sales training LMS, you can quickly create an effective onboarding program and automatically assign it to all newcomers. From day one, your freshmen will start learning the ins and outs of their new role, without distracting veteran sales reps from their quotas and revenue goals.

Product training

Keep your reps fresh on new releases and products updates

To quickly train all sales reps on a new or updated product, you can build a course with an intuitive authoring toolkit that is part of iSpring’s sales training software. Publish the course right to your online platform and immediately deliver it to all sales reps whether they’re in the office or in the field.

Support in the field

Provide 24/7 access to training materials

Reps can use your sales training platform as a quick access knowledge base. Whenever they need to brush up on product details or sales techniques, they can open training materials from their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

They can even download content for accessing offline — say, if they need to go over the sales process while on the plane.

Partner training

Maintain brand consistency across your partner network

Increase your partners’ effectiveness in promoting and selling your products. Invite their sales reps to your iSpring sales training LMS to keep them informed about product updates, corporate selling techniques, best practices, and more.

Performance review

Assess and address your team's strengths and weaknesses

With iSpring’s sales training LMS, you can track how effectively your sales reps learn. Use multiple easy-to-read reports to perform a detailed training analysis. For example, you can find out which courses are the most popular or which topics turn out to be the most difficult for the reps.

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Why the iSpring sales training platform is key to:

employee engagement performance revenue goals

Training on autopilot

With iSpring’s sales training LMS, you can automate your training process completely: from adding employees to groups to assigning them learning materials. Set up the process once, and focus on achieving your business and revenue goals.

Mobile learning

Employees can learn on your sales training platform anytime and from any device. For example, a sales rep can take a microcourse on cold calls on their way to the office and apply the new knowledge right away when they arrive.

Interactive role-plays

With iSpring’s sales training software, you can create interactive role-play simulations to help your reps practice their sales skills in a safe-to-fail environment. Accompany role-plays with detailed feedback messages to guide your learners, or set up scoring to assess reps’ selling skills.

Online quizzes

The iSpring sales training software also includes a quiz maker tool for creating interactive assessments. These can help evaluate employees’ knowledge of product and selling techniques. You can set detailed quiz reports to be sent to you by email, or you can keep an eye on learners’ results in the LMS.


As sales reps complete courses on your sales training platform, they receive badges, points, and certificates. On a leaderboard in their learning portal, they can see how well they are performing compared to others. These elements of gamification and social recognition help motivate them to learn better and practice more.

Events calendar

Sales enablement is not limited to taking courses on a sales training platform. It also entails instructor-led seminars, practice sessions, workshops, and more. With iSpring’s events calendar, you can easily schedule and manage both online and in-class training activities to make sure your sales reps never miss a meeting or a deadline.

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Sales training


What is sales training?

Sales training is the process of developing selling skills to enable an employee to create and explore new sales opportunities and maximize selling success. Such training can be performed in person or via a sales training platform.

How does sales training help a salesperson?

Sales training helps reps foster and practice key selling skills in the safe-to-fail environment of a classroom or learning management system. These skills can include active listening, overcoming objections, asking questions, and effectively communicating with different personalities.

How do you create a sales training program?

With a digital sales training software like iSpring Learn LMS, creating a sales training program is quite easy. You can upload all existing training aids to the sales training platform, enhance them with online quizzes and role-plays, and organize them as a learning track to help sales reps explore the material step by step.

How do you structure sales training?

To make sure your sales training is going to stick, interweave theory with hands-on experience. For example, after describing a selling technique, give learners an opportunity to practice it. This can be a role-play with an instructor or, if you’re training online, an interactive sales simulation.

How can you measure sales training effectiveness?

With a sales training LMS, you can track every detail of how your sales reps are learning, such as how much time they spend taking courses and how well they perform on quizzes. With this information at hand, you can analyze how their learning performance correlates with their sales results.

How useful are role-plays in sales training?

A role-play is like a rehearsal of a real conversation with a client. It helps remove the anxiety of not knowing what to say when facing a client. With iSpring’s sales training software, you can create realistic role-plays with detailed feedback to train and guide sales reps on different conversation scenarios.

Award-winning sales training software

iSpring wins prestigious awards every year from top industry analysts such as the Brandon Hall Group, Capterra, eLearning Industry, and G2 Crowd, to name a few.

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Gold Brandon​ ​Hall Award for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology (2016)

Gold Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology (2013)

Gold Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Technology for Rapid Authoring (2010)

Gold Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for SMB (2018)

Gold Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology (2018)

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