Your Custom
iSpring Software

iSpring provides factory-customized software, tailored to fulfill your unique requirements.

  • Authoring tools customization
  • Server-side custom projects
  • iSpring Learn LMS customization
  • Custom mobile apps by iSpring

Authoring Tools Customization

Qualified iSpring engineers will develop the custom user interface, provide the unique functionality and extend compatibility for stock versions of iSpring authoring tools.

This type of custom development enables custom authoring capabilities, support of particular data formats and publishing destinations. For example, you can add your particular LMS as a publishing option.

The content you publish with iSpring is wrapped by iSpring Content Player (like a YouTube player). It has built-in customization options, such as selecting a layout, navigation panels, colors and labels.

iSpring can develop a unique Content Player with your own corporate style, design and specific functionality.

If you plan to have quizzes completed locally without using an LMS, iSpring can develop a PDF certificate with a custom design and information fields that your learners will get as if they have an LMS locally.

Server-side Custom Projects

iSpring teams can develop and configure custom server-side scripts to process and maintain iSpring data.

iSpring Learn LMS Customization

iSpring created dozens of projects providing a custom design and implementing high-level integrations of iSpring Learn with client’s systems and services.

iSpring LMS user interfaces can be fully customized to fit your branding and corporate style. Your domain name will work instead of domain. Automatically generated emails will be also sent from your domain, not from

Your particular options with your custom functionality could be added to iSpring Learn portal. It may be an additional option in the Course Completion settings or any other place in the system.

You can integrate iSpring Learn with your system, so users of your website will be smoothly redirected to the Learn LMS portal using SSO (single sign-on) technology. Also, you can synchronize the databases of your system and iSpring Learn’s user lists to handle existing users automatically.

iSpring Learn could be customized to route user events in the portal to your endpoint for additional storing and processing.

iSpring Learn is a cloud-based solution and it is located on iSpring secured cloud facilities. However, we can deploy it on your own servers in your corporate network and it will work in your secured environment.

Custom Mobile Apps by iSpring

iSpring mobile apps could be fully customized to build and publish your unique app with your custom branding, design and functionality.

Custom iSpring mobile app will have your name in the AppStore or Google Play. With modern look and responsive design, it’s a great platform to start building your project.

Your Project

Your ideas and unique requirements will be perfectly implemented by iSpring engineers who built world-class products and custom solutions for dozens of big and small customers worldwide.
Contact iSpring Custom Development to discuss your project. The estimate is free.

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